Broker's Corner: August 19

Posted By Allison VanderVeer @ Aug 25th 2017 2:16pm In: Life on St Simons


Through the years there has been a discussion about a 'second causeway' for St. Simons Island. There was a time when such talk was more than whimsical; I think there may have even been some preliminary investigation into the idea.

But time passed, St. Simons and Sea Island became connected to Mainland Brunswick via our modern, fixed span 4-laner complete with bike path (thanks, Commissioner Sam Cofer. RIP), and such talk subsided; except during hurricane season.

A week or so ago 'The News' wrote about how safe St. Simons Island is. Over the years, an absence of serious crime with just a sprinkling of the milder sort makes this place safer than safe! And old timers, as well as newer citizens, agree we can live securely and safely here.

Part of the reason is our community minded cops are vigilant and helpful with enough presence to give me a true sense of security. And people seem to have a genuine interest in being alert, though not busy-bodied, where their neighbors' safety and well being is concerned. For me, the main reason has to be there is one way on and one way off of this Golden Isle.

In hurricane season we have lots of notice to leave or stay, so no problem there. The idea of another land link on north St. Simons gives me a vision of FL State Road AIA in our peninsular neighbor to the south. How many people would get off of I-95 on one end of SSI and drive through to the other end to resume their journey? More access, less security, and likely more crime and traffic congestion.

Give me this beautiful island and it's safer than safe reputation. It's a good feeling and a fine life here.

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