Broker's Corner: July 29

Posted By Allison VanderVeer @ Aug 11th 2017 9:35am In: Local Market Insight

To say Glynn County is experiencing growing pains is an understatement.  Nowhere is that more evident than in traffic on St. Simons Island.  We're making some headway but there's more to be done. 
The island is one of those idyllic places where residents walk dogs and babies; bicyclists ride both on sidewalks and streets.  Visitors and locals alike take converted golf carts to and from beaches and shopping and eateries.  It's not a place to be impatient.  
If I were king, the rules would be: Pedestrians walking always have the right of way, whether crossing roads or strolling sidewalks.  That may actually be the law; I've not checked.  Those jogging would be next. 
Bicycles would follow in the pecking order. It IS legal to ride in the street, ideally along the side; in Georgia, cars have to give 3 feet space when passing a bike.  
And, it'd be great to see those on bicycles slow down and make sure that people on sidewalks are safe as they're being passed.  No one on a bicycle should endanger a person on foot! 
I think we'd be safer if everyone would slow down, get our faces out of the texting device and remember why we came here in the first place: an easier pace of life in glorious surroundings. 
Worried about being late to get somewhere?  It's not how fast you drive, but when you leave that determines when you arrive. 

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