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Now, everyone knows there's no such thing as hurricane proof, so when they told me to evacuate, we did! I have friends in older homes, built on the ground, in low-lying, flood-prone areas who had lots of damage. Most have the unenviable task of dealing with flood insurance through FEMA. Many of us, built a bit higher, got really lucky and had little or no damage, as is my personal case. All in all, I'd say Hurricane Irma finished the cleanup begun by Matthew last year.
There was lots of flooding in roadways near the marsh; one of the most published is the picture last week of the lake that formed at the junction of Torras Causeway to St. Simons Island and US 17. Today, Tuesday, as I write this column, distinctively different in the landscape, are piles of cut trees, bushes and marsh rack. All the water has been gone for several days. Disaster and emergency contractors in green and yellow trucks hustle all over. It'll be weeks before all this mess is hauled off, but the Feds and Governor Deal promise to pay for this extra burden levied on our overworked county and city emergency crews. My hat's off to Georgia Power and out of town and regional utility companies, and to Glynn County and Brunswick City officials for an orderly and well-planned handling of our confusion and in-process recovery, and to our tenants and vacationers who heeded our real estate management companies' suggestion to leave ahead of this latest meanie. There also more than a few people who stayed and who have special skills to help others in need; you know who you are and I say thanks!
And, compared to the destruction throughout the Caribbean and Florida, I'd say we came out pretty well. Complainers I saw online spoke mostly about the inconvenience of power being down or water cut off. And while I didn't stay -- I got over myself and my gingerbread man complex* years ago -- when the authorities say leave; then I'm gone.
So, here's hoping that Hurricane Maria waves hello from way out in the Atlantic early next week. That seems to be the best guess of the weather wizards at this point. If not, well, we'll see you when we all get back!
* "run run run, just as fast as you can, you can't catch me; I'm the gingerbread man." Don't bet on that with a hurricane!
Roland Daniel

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