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Yes, St. Simons, we do have growing pains. It's not the first time, but it is the first time in my 40 years here that we have an opportunity to make intelligent decisions benefiting future residents and visitors. And, to my limited vision, we're at a bit of a tilting point for this community.

This very week we've observed activity relating to two of my pet peeves: What are we going to do about a tree ordinance? Beach Renourishment; yes or no? And, the third, my personal pet 'mess': how about it, Commissioners, will you do what's necessary to fix infrastructure, most notably water & sewer and traffic congestion? 
We’ll speak to this in depth in a wrapper in the near future.

Today I'm venturing into areas that are more controversial than others. I'll speak to some issues that are ongoing here, and that impact our future as one of the most beautiful residential islands anywhere. I'm pro development from the standpoint of managed and quality growth. I'm for private property rights. I'm not an eccentric nor an extremist. I'll write about the polarizing issue of beach renourishment from the viewpoint of one who could find no middle ground last time around. I'll speak to tree canopy and a sad situation that recently occurred in one of our finest beach areas. And I'll harp a bit on my cause to eliminate traffic lights on this Island. It ain't (that's for emphasis; I know what's correct) gonna be popular with everyone, but then having an opinion usually isn't.

At the end of the day, we at Roland Daniel Properties want your business. We play fair. We love our profession and strive to make your real estate experience the best it can be. While our listings are found there, we're not talked about as 'starred' agents on Zillow or Tulia or, because we won't pay companies looking for a way to get a piece of our hard-earned commissions. We're local, we're knowledgeable, and we're good at what we do. We get the job done your way! Won't you call your favorite Realtor at Roland Daniel Properties? Thank you.

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